Adrenaline Junkeys

Social Media Web & Mobile Application

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Description:  Don’t you wish that you could find high action, adrenaline pumped videos when you want them without scrolling through your endless newsfeed of things you are just not interested in? Well here it is – a social network catering to all those needs. Comment, upload, vote, like and most importantly, enjoy high action entertainment. Coming Soon!

My Project Role:  UI & UX Designer/ Front-end Developer

After coming up with the idea for this project, I began creating the UI designs for the website and mobile in Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. In order to create the design of the website, I used HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.


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When users visit the website, they can either decide to sign in, or if they have an account already, they can login their account.


A challenge that I faced while working on this project was integrating my code (the front-end) with the backend.  The backend engineers and I spent a lot of time working out the kinks until we were able to get it up and running.