Web Development Project

Description: Grabit Jamaica is Jamaica’s first island wide coupon website for locals and tourists to get deals and discounts from various stores and companies. The company offers a variety of deals from hotels, spas, car dealerships, restaurants and much more.

My Project Role: Front End Web Developer & UI Designer

As the Front End Developer, I created the website from start to finish, which included designing the graphics and coding the website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. Some interesting design features included a slide show, a pop up window and interactive buttons.


Grabit - Home Page Design


As the UI Designer, I also created the mobile friendly site. An important design aspect for the company was to make the mobile design match the website, so I incorporated the same color scheme and similar features to keep in line with the company’s branding.


A challenge that I faced while working on this website application was creating an easy and unforgettable user experience.  It was important to make users want to come back regularly for new deals.  To achieve this goal, we conducted A/B testing with multiple designs to track which design performed the best and received the most interaction and engagement.