Last Bot

Game Application Design


Description: When an evil scientist named Dr. Con creates evil clones from programmable metal and human DNA, the clones destroy 75% of humanity and enslave the other 25% in cities all over the world. Before being captured, a team of computer programmers and engineers from New York City create an intelligent robot to help free humanity from the evil clones and to destroy Dr. Con. The Last Bot is humanity’s only hope for freedom and survival! Check out the demo below.

Morgan Whiz Game Design

Game Objectives: Destroy the clones with your acid gun, free the humans in each level, find Dr. Con’s hideouts and destroy cloning centers. The final level is to destroy Dr. Con.

Main Characters:

Last-Bot-Character-web Last-Bot-Characters-3 Last-Bot-Characters-2 Last-Bot-Character-DrCon-2

My Project Role: UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer

As the Graphic Designer, I created the characters and scenic backgrounds. As the UI/UX Designer, I designed the game so that it would be appealing, which included how to move the main character, Last Bot, and defeat the evil clones. The game can also be paused at any time to return to the main menu.

All levels have a nighttime scenic layout, similar to the story of batman going out to fight crime at night. I wanted the main character to give that same impression of a caped vigilante, while having a playful undertone to his character for both kids and adults. The dark blue and light green color combinations also give it that playful fun vibe.


This was the first game application that I designed, while participating in coding the front-end. A challenge that I faced was not knowing how to make certain functions work in a game.  I was able to overcome this challenge by conducting online research and reading about previously developed games.