Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

This is where I began!

When I first began my career, I started out as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer.  As I grew professionally, I learned the fundamentals of appealing to users and creating a design based upon who the target audience is.

While I was consulting for business owners, I would often conduct heavy research on the target audience before creating their digital marketing campaigns using Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords.  I created my own form of A/B testing with 2 different ads targeting the same audience and would track which one performed the best and why?  The skill sets that I obtained earlier in my career have all been stepping-stones that I still utilize today.

Front-end Development

As a front-end developer, I often hear clients say that developers speak an entirely different language and sometimes communication is not always 100% clear.  Having the skill to articulate and describe a UI/UX design to a developer or to code it myself has helped projects to move faster and run more smoothly. 

MY WEB TOOLS:  HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, ES6, JQuery, React, React Native, Babel, Bootstrap, PHP, NodeJS, APIs, GitHub, Git Bash, WordPress, Google Adwords, Google Analytics


UI/UX Designer

Today, while conceptualizing an idea, I am always thinking of how the user will have an experience that feels simple, pleasurable, and engaging.  Nowadays, having a website is just not enough and it’s all about the user experience!

MY UI/UX DESIGN & TESTING TOOLS:  Sketch, Invision, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign),, OmniGraffle, Survey Monkey, Visual Website Optimizer,